Yesterday was Tuesday November 29th, “Giving Tuesday”, it follows of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday, nice.  I have never really liked Giving Tuesday because it should be Giving Daily, but I guess that is a different program.  United We Can is not big on Giving Days, we prefer to Earn it Everyday.  By providing Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges, Strata Developments and large office complexes with a service that is needed, a professional recycling service for all refundable beverage containers.  And UWC does it without charging the customer.  Working for a percentage of the refundables United We Can, offers free pickup, free recycle toters, and will even provide a tax receipt at the end of the fiscal year.  To learn more about United We Can, watch our brand new video right here and contact Jack OHalloran our Director of Business Development to set up an appointment in the New Year.