Vancouver, CA – the past few weeks have seen 2 downtown Earls locations join the United We Can refundable beverage container recycle program and become part of the Green Collar Jobs revolution.  Earl’s Robson and Broadway locations have both started recycling with UWC, and not far behind are Yaletown and Earls Test kitchen.  United We Cans, Director of Business Development Jack OHalloran says, “it is a great feeling when a major player in the hospitality industry takes notice of what your doing and decides to become part of it.”

“Lynden Voth Floor Manager at Earls Broadway was the first of the Earls Management team to really grasp what we were trying to do,” says Jack.  “I sent over a copy of our new video and arranged a meeting and after 15 minutes he said, lets get on board.”

When it comes to recycling your refundable beverage containers many companies pay for pickups or split part of the refundables with the company picking them up.  With United We Can, we only work on a percentage of the refundables that is negotiated with the customer and there is never any charge for multiple pickups or recycle toters.  All the money that comes into United We Can goes into hiring more staff, and giving more people the opportunity to rise out of the poverty cycle and take their lives back.

With companies like Earls seeing this vision, more people will be hired and more economic stimulation happens on the DTES.

yaletown-aug-4-2010-010-640x480                               Earls Yaletown