urban binning unitsThe United We Can Bottle Depot is now offering a more environmentally friendly beverage container pick-up service in the downtown area using the Urban Binning Unit (UBU) cart, specifically designed by Michael Strutt. Using the cart as the main mode of transport, individuals facing low employment thresholds, pick up recyclable containers donated by various businesses including restaurants, offices, and movie theatres. The UBU cart operates more smoothly and quietly compared to a truck or shopping cart, and emits zero carbon emissions. Pick-up protocols and frequency are determined by you and a staff member accompanies participants during initial training pick-ups. Participants wear identifiable clothing and carry United We Can identification, for added security.

urban binning unitsThe UBU Cart Program helps build essential social and labour skills for Vancouver’s inner city residents. Individuals participating in the program have reported higher self-esteem as they are being recognized for the valuable work that they do.

The UBU cart also has advertising space on the side panels for businesses to showcase their social and environmental responsibility.

If you would like to donate your beverage containers and sign up for the pick-up service, advertise on a UBU cart, or obtain more information, please contact us at 604-681-0001 or email: doris@unitedwecan.ca