20160825_113250United We Can is very pleased to announce a refundable beverage container recycle partnership with one of the flagship hotels in downtown Vancouver, L’Hermitage Hotel.  This partnership is a tremendous lift for United We Can, as L’Hermitage is a leader in the hospitality industry in Vancouver, says Jack OHalloran Director of Business Development for UWC.  The hotel has offered 100% donation to United We Can, which will allow us to add more employees to our growing commercial sorting department.  L’Hermitage joins a growing list of hotels seeing the benefits of doing business with United We Can.  Hotels such as Fairmont Pacific Rim, the Shangri La, Listel Hotel, Sandman Hotel Davie St., Delta Hotel, Opus Hotel, Coast Coal Harbour and many more.  L’Hermitage like so many other organizations believe in complete sustainability, a circle that includes not only environmental issues, but also includes the economic health of a community and social development of the area residents.  Doing business with a company that cares about the surrounding area is a company you want to deal with as a consumer.