Over the Holiday Season, Icebreaker donated 100 pairs of their famous Merino Wool Socks to every member of the United We Can DTES Alley Cleanup Crew.  Lane crew manager Rick Ivanauskas, says he has never seen so many happy people when the team from Icebreaker handed out the socks and toques.

Laura Copplestone and Eryn Peterson both from the Home Office of Icebreaker here in Vancouver joined, Jack OHalloran Director of Business Development and Bing Smith Board Member for UWC at the UWC meeting station to hand out the socks to the staff.

Speaking with Sean Brigden, the man behind the idea at Icebreaker, he told us that “Our purpose has always been tied to believing in what the power of nature provides for us and caring deeply about the world we live in.

At Icebreaker, we are drawn to connect with people who want to make a difference. Who share the same beliefs and who, like us, take courage to go their own way. Icebreaker started life with a purpose: to offer a natural, high-performance wear alternative to outdoor enthusiasts. Synthetic fabrics are made from petrochemical plastics. Wool, on the other hand, offers warmth, breathability, and odor resistance — naturally.”

The idea came to Sean while riding the bus each day down Main St to the Icebreaker offices and seeing the United We Can crew out in every kind of weather trying to keep the DTES clean and safe.

United We Can is extremely grateful to the wonderful people at Icebreaker for their generosity and their hearts for the real heros of Vancouver, the hard working people of the DTES.

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