L’Hermitage Hotel GM Jean-Michel Tanguy on United We Can

Just this past week, United We Can put the final touches on their new sales video and released a national Press Release announcing our partnership with some of the top Hotels in the Vancouver area.  One of those hotels who contributed to our sales video and played a prominent role in the Press Release was [...]

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November 18, 2016 (Vancouver, BC) – Local charitable organization, United We Can, has recently developed numerous partnerships with some of the top Vancouver hotels to put in place a refundable beverage container recycle program at their properties. These programs not only have a positive environmental impact on the city of Vancouver, but they also help [...]

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Hyatt Regency Hotel Stands Up for Sustainability

"Today marks a great day for us at United We Can" says Director of Business Development Jack OHalloran, "when the Hyatt Regency Hotel goes live in a joint partnership with us, to move closer to complete sustainability."  The Hyatt Hotel has struck a deal to have United We Can handle all of its recycle for [...]

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A Happy Thanksgiving from United We Can

This past year at United We Can we have seen our commercial pickup business grow to include customers from all over Vancouver and the surrounding area.  Customers like the Hyatt Hotel, JJ's Fine Dining at Vancouver Community College, the Edgewater Casino and the prestigious Vancouver Club.  All our customers have a heart for the environment, [...]

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Chill Winston a big part of United We Can

this past year Chill Winston has been one of the biggest contributors to United We Can's cause to get people with various challenges back to work.  The amazing people at Chill Winston single handedly recycled over $6100.00 in refundable beverage containers and 75% of that went to United We Can.  Director of Business Development Jack [...]

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L’Hermitage Hotel joins UWC

United We Can is very pleased to announce a refundable beverage container recycle partnership with one of the flagship hotels in downtown Vancouver, L'Hermitage Hotel.  This partnership is a tremendous lift for United We Can, as L'Hermitage is a leader in the hospitality industry in Vancouver, says Jack OHalloran Director of Business Development for UWC.  [...]

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Waverider Films partners with United We Can

DC Comic Hero Rip Hunter and The Legends of Tomorrow have hired United We Can to handle garbage and needle pick up for their next shoot in Vancouver.  Waverider Films understand what it means to provide a safe and clean working environment, free of debris and any harmful items such as discarded needles.  Why not go [...]

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White Spot Restaurants helping pave the path out of poverty

White Spot Restaurants has joined with United We Can to help create true sustainability for Vancouver, and people on the DTES.  White Spot's  located on Dunsmuir St., Georgia and Cardero and just recently White Spot at Broadway and Larch have all taken advantage of becoming partners with United We Can.  Recycling their refundable beverage containers [...]

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No Cost Commercial Pick Up

Each day United We Can picks up thousands, of refundable beverage containers from local Restaurants, Hotels, Strata's and private businesses, AT NO COST to the business.  Thru a negotiated donation United We Can provides recycle totes, and a professional pick up service for all recyclable refundable beverage containers, at no cost and provides a tax [...]

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Supporting Community Growth Through Environmental Sustainability

We would like to thank Centerplate for their continued support towards United We Can. To learn more about our partnership and how we help, please follow the link.    

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