Making a Difference one can and bottle at a time

“its really easy to start a business”, says 7 year old Ryan Hickman owner of Ryan’s Recycling Company.  Last year Ryan collected over 200,000 cans and bottles from his neighbours and customers located in Orange County CA.  He also made 21,000.00.  Ryan started his business at the ripe old age of 3 in 2013 with his first tricycle.

Ryan’s goal is to remove all the cans and bottles from the ocean to save the animals and environment.  His parents want him to save his money for College, but Ryan has his eye on a new Garbage Truck.

Just like Uniteuntitledd We Can, Ryan is making a difference one can and bottle at a time.  While Ryan works to save the oceans and the environment in which he lives, United We Can is helping people with barriers to employment get back to the workforce and start to rebuild the lives they deserve.

To learn more about Ryan’s Recycling story watch his YouTube       video here,

To learn more about United We Can, watch our video here