Encore Pacific (Return-it) has recently granted United We Can (UWC) an exciting new program, known as the Co-mingle program, involving sorting refundable containers from grocery stores. A dedicated delivery vehicle collects these containers from Vancouver’s westside and downtown core, transporting them to UWC’s depot at 449 Industrial Avenue for meticulous sorting.

Our team classifies the containers into four categories based on their materials—aluminum cans, bottles, plastic containers, and gable containers like those for milk and juice. We diligently count and report each sorted bag to Encore Pacific, facilitating accurate payment to the respective grocery stores. United We Can earn a modest handling fee for each container processed.

This innovative program has allowed UWC to expand its workforce and provide employment opportunities to individuals in the community. As an entry-level position with minimal initial training requirements, we contacted the immediate neighbourhood, specifically targeting low-income earners in social housing.

This initiative’s success is evident in its positive impact on individuals, fostering a sense of self-worth through meaningful employment. Moreover, the additional income has proven to be invaluable for everyone involved.

We thank Encore Pacific for their trust and support in entrusting UWC with this significant opportunity.