At United We Can, we pride ourselves on being open every day of the year, serving our community with dedication and commitment. However, due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic, we traditionally remained closed on Christmas Day, December 25th.

This past year, a recently promoted supervisor took an inspiring initiative by approaching the United We Can Board of Directors with a heartfelt request to open our doors on Christmas Day. Intrigued, the Board inquired about her motivation, and she shared a compelling perspective.

The supervisor explained that many customers rely on us to redeem their beverage containers for much-needed daily income. With no other outlets available on Christmas Day, she believed our opening would make a significant difference in their lives. Moreover, she highlighted that some of our patrons lack familial connections, and visiting United We Can on December 25, 2023, could provide them with a sense of Christmas spirit and community.

Expressing her commitment, she volunteered to work on that day and discovered that several other staff members were equally enthusiastic about positively impacting our customers’ lives. In a heartfelt gesture, she even offered to work at regular pay if it would influence the Board’s decision to open. However, she was reminded that adherence to employment standards was paramount, and the Board unanimously agreed to open, provided that all staff members working that day did so voluntarily.

In a matter of minutes, a dedicated team of United We Can employees volunteered to work on Christmas Day. We opened our doors at 8:00 A.M. and closed early at 3:00 P.M. to ensure our employees could enjoy dinner with their loved ones that night.

The response from our customers was overwhelming, with many expressing their gratitude for the warm welcome and the opportunity to redeem cash refunds on their beverage containers. Christmas at United We Can became a special day of community, compassion, and connection, and we are proud to have made a positive impact during the holiday season.